Any up to date info on St Helier Maternity?

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N1kk1 Fri 25-Jul-08 16:02:17

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and looking into Maternity care at St Helier as it's looking likely that I'll be having baby there.
Obviously the press has lots of bad stories to tell... but does anyone have any good stories to share? hmm

Also, any information on the parentcraft classes that they run would be useful too.

Many thanks,

Ewe Fri 25-Jul-08 16:11:26

I had my DD under Epsom (and they were excellent IMO) but had friends who gave birth at St.Helier as it's all the same trust. Overall it was fine, the main complaints were lack of staff and poor standards of cleanliness but I'm guessing you were aware of that as it's what they have a bad rep for.

Where do you live? Would you rather book in somewhere other than St.Helier, you have the choice if you want it.

N1kk1 Mon 28-Jul-08 15:33:18

Thanks Ewe.

I live in Carshalton, probably less than 5 minutes in the car from the hospital, so it almost seems silly to try and change to another hospital.

The midwife & doctor didn't seem keen to give me any information on any other hospitals. They pretty much made out that St Helier was our only option.

How do I go about looking into the other hospitals?


beanybean Tue 29-Jul-08 23:04:27

You have a choice of which hospital to have your baby at. Doctor and midwife will want you to have your baby there as it is their local hospital, they are loyal to it and it's what they know (nothing wrong with that of course).

Hospitals do visits to the labour wards and maternity wards etc so ring them up and find out when they are a go along. You'll get to see all the facilities, birthing pool etc (if they have one) and be able to judge for yourself. I had my DD at Mayday which was good (had previously been living that way) but had my post-natal care by SH community midwives and they were excellent - very thorough and lovely.

2 ladies in my ante-natal class had their babies at SH (7 weeks ago) and thought the care was really good.

Once you've decided you just need to tell your midwife where you want to have your baby. Hope that helps!

bigcar Wed 30-Jul-08 10:05:07

Your other options would probably be Epsom, St Georges or Mayday, just google them to get more info. Just remember you will have to travel to which ever hospital you pick for all your antenatal care and birth. St Georges is absolutely appalling for parking by the way! I had dd3 at St Helier 2 years ago, at that point it was clean and the level of care I received was good. They were understaffed, so don't expect hotel style care! The midwives were all lovely, just totally rushed of their feet.

And congratulations!

N1kk1 Wed 30-Jul-08 11:56:30

Thanks Ladies.
It's reassuring to hear some good words about the place.

I'll see if we can get a tour of there and maybe the others too.

Poshpaws Wed 30-Jul-08 12:13:23

I had DS1 (now 7) at St Helier and they were great. Really pro-breastfeeding, great support during labour, etc.

Ante-natal classes were fine as well.

They are very pro homebirths as well. The community midwives were excellent. I had DS2 and DS3 at home.

Becks33 Fri 01-Aug-08 16:35:44

Hi Nikki,

I also had reservations about St Helier due to the bad press it has received recently but as I live in Sutton it made sense as it was the closest hospital. I am now 21 weeks and have had my booking app, both scans and a visit to check out an early scare at St Helier. So far the treatment has been excellent and all the midwifes are very professional and friendly. I am having all my antenatal checks ups at my local doctors (as it's more convenient) which is an option you have if you don't want to go to the hospital for all your check ups.

I can't comment about the mat ward as I have not been on the tour as yet but so far I am happy with the care I have received.

Hope this helps.

N1kk1 Tue 12-Aug-08 18:01:22

Thanks Rebecca.

PootleAndThePoseysMum Thu 21-Aug-08 12:56:53

Hiya, I had my eldest daughter there in 2003 and my twins were born prematurely (at St Georges) in Feb 08 and after spending one week in St Georges NNU spent the following 5 weeks at St Helier NNU. It was fantastic, nurses/Consultants wonderful, cannot complain about anything. I wrote/e-mailed and phoned the Sutton Guardian on at least 6 occassions to get them to publish my Thank You letter in the letters section but it never got published. They only seem to publish complaints which is very, very unfair sad

I know quite a few other mums who have delivered at St Helier. Most (but not all) have had a positive experience. I hope its the same for you if you deliver there.

Congrats and Good Luck smile

Verso Fri 22-Aug-08 07:54:45

I live in Carshalton too and am booked into St Helier. Tbh I think the care I've had there so far antenatally has been streets ahead of the care I had with DD at St George's. I went round the labour and postnatal wards upstairs earlier this week and a lot of it has been recently refurbished - so although the antenatal clinic cosmetically leaves lots to be desired, the ward itself looks clean and presentable.

More importantly, ALL the staff I have met there (EPAU and during a m/c especially) have been really friendly, compassionate and good listeners.

N1kk1 Fri 29-Aug-08 12:32:16

Thanks ladies.

Just thought I'd add that I had my 20 week scan at St Helier yesterday and once again they were very good. A couple of issues in the pregnancy (nothing major - touch wood) but they will do a 34 week scan to check on things, so I'm feeling very well looked after by them.

Good luck with yours Verso.

lynz47 Sat 30-Aug-08 22:44:38

Hi, Although its 4 years since I had my last DS at St Helier I just want to add that my experience was FANTASTIC. Despite the fact that when I moved to Sutton I thought the hospital was actually a prison (!!) don't be put off by appearances. St Helier has excellent well trained staff (I'm sure I've read its actually a regional centre of excellence for maternity services). I couldn't have been better looked after and I had two really difficult births.

I think which ever hospital you go to you will hear good and bad (just wait until they start schools - its even worse)so try not to worry and best of luck.wink

DesignatedDriver Wed 03-Sep-08 22:20:43

I had my little girl at SH in April this year. The midwives were fine and supportive. I did want a water birth (I'd heard that this was better for both mother and baby) but the midwife who was assisting me was not trained in water births unfortunately. That said, my daughter was born by ventouse delivery so being in the water would not have helped anyway...!

I paid to have a private room after the birth so I could get some sleep but my little girl had other ideas...! That said, the room was clean and tidy.

The only gripe that I do have is that after the birth I never got a Bounty pack from SH..!!

N1kk1 Thu 11-Sep-08 14:14:54

Thanks Designated Driver.

Can I ask how much it cost to have a private room after the birth?


Verso Fri 12-Sep-08 03:40:34

I've been told I will be on a six-bed ward as I'm having a scheduled c/s this time round - but I can arrange a private room after a couple of days if I want. I'd be interested to know how much they cost too.

N1kk1 - how many weeks are you now?

N1kk1 Mon 15-Sep-08 15:33:12

Hi Verso,
I'm 24 weeks tomorrow. I've no idea where the time has gone!!

How far along are you?

Pinkglow Wed 17-Sep-08 13:02:40

I live in carshalton and to be fair at my booking in appointment the midwife did ask which hospital I wanted to go to so I did get a chance then to say. But since im 10 minutes by car from the place I thought it would be silly to not go there.

I dont know how much the private rooms are at st helier but I do know that they are £175 per night at epsom (I know someone who has just stayed at epsom in a private room after having a planned C-section)

DesignatedDriver Wed 17-Sep-08 22:10:13

Hi N1kk1

Sorry for the delay in replying...not getting much sleep as my five month old is waking up every two/three hours a night so feel a bit frazzled. The private room at SH cost £50 which is very reasonable - v.shocked at the price of beds at Epsom (is a champagne breakfast included?!)

All the best for the rest of your pregnancy

Pinkglow Thu 18-Sep-08 10:42:31

I was shocked at the price as well - I mean you can stay at a really really nice hotel with spa for that. This was only last month as well she did this as well.

£50 is ALOT more reasonable

N1kk1 Fri 19-Sep-08 10:50:46

£50 doesn't sound too bad... I was a bit scared by the amount above for Epsom! that's really steep!

LOL@ the champagne breakfast though!


sunflower78 Fri 19-Sep-08 22:56:35

Just given birth at SH 2 wks ago - had I known it was only £50 would have gone for it - then again, didn't think I would have needed to stay the night for 2nd baby, but she had other ideas. Had both babies there, brilliant midwives and this time, as I was a bit "wobbly", though not CS, MW told me to call them even just to change baby, very kind, so although the place looks like a prison, I am very happy with the care. DS1 needed after care at St Mary's (all issues noted antenatally) and again very well looked after. (Live in carshalton too, 4mins timed from SH!)

DesignatedDriver Sat 20-Sep-08 21:18:20

Sunflower, I too think that the midwives at SH are lovely - I ended up calling them four or five times in the night, just to ask for help changing baby's nappy blush and I was never made to feel stupid or embarassed. I kept crying as well throughout the night because I felt very hormonal and alone..I just wanted my mum or my husband..!

suzylou76 Mon 02-Feb-09 17:33:41

Hmmmm interesting to read all these reviews. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and really disappointed with the service i've received so far from St Helier... it all started badly when my GP failed to tell me they didnt have a midwife and just packed me off with Emmas talk of choices or options, thats it.... and at St Helier although they are friendly enough and no doubt professional i've just felt like i'm on a conveyor belt. No options have been discussed about home births, natural childbirth etc, i tried to ask all the questions as im no shrinking violet but i just got bemused looks...
i've now decided on a home birth and an getting a doula...i just cant rely on any state funded hospital as they are just so overstretched that one to one care is never going to happen.... i'd advise any pregnant woman to just read up and make sure you've got all the info so you can make the best choice for you...

2ndbabyenroute Tue 01-Sep-09 16:46:05

gosh this sounds rather worrying, ive just been referred to SH for my 2 nd child....should i change my hosp now?

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