Anyone for a Sutton Meet-Up?

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LocalEditorSutton Wed 24-Aug-16 10:40:05

Does anyone want to have a meetup?

The last few have been in local cafés so we thought this time we'd try a local soft-play centre so that the pre-schoolers can run free. How does that sound?

We have quite a few to choose from so if anyone has a preference, speak now!

We also need a date. It might be worth waiting until after the older children have gone back to school so perhaps the week commencing 12 September?

As we haven't got pre-school children we wouldn't be allowed to go into a soft-play area so you will be free of us Local Editors!

If you have any thoughts or want to indicate that you are coming, get yourself over to the Meet-Up page:

LocalEditorSutton Sun 16-Oct-16 11:57:31

Hi, just to say that we have a meet-up arranged for midday this coming Wednesday, 19 October, hosted by the lovely Onyinye, at Toddlers' World, The Phoenix Centre, SM6.

Hope you and your little ones can make it. If you've got any queries, or to check for last minute communications, please keep an eye on the meet-up page

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