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xieq Tue 12-Apr-16 12:55:31

Anyone knows if there is an Academic Camp in southwest London?Just trying to find a local summer academic camp for my 11-years-old boy. Don't want him to spend the whole summer on travelling or sporting.

LocalEditorSutton Wed 13-Apr-16 12:18:06

Hi xieq

Thanks for posting your query. Generally speaking academic summer camps in the UK tend to be pitched at older secondary school aged children (Year 9+), with a view to helping them boost/enhance learning as GCSE/AS and A Levels approach.

However, that doesn't mean that such camps (aimed at younger children) don't exist. Just that they are more difficult to find. One option that's been suggested is this one:

Often public schools (and universities) run academic holiday camps (or external providers run them in said public schools over the long summer breaks), so possibly worthwhile asking SW London-based ones (such as Dulwich College and King's School Wimbledon) directly?

Good luck!

Kate & Helen

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