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PinkPeonie Tue 23-Feb-16 12:32:18

I really thought I had finished with the trauma of finding schools but having just moved into the area, here we are again looking for a local school for my boy/girl twins who are mid year 7.

I would love to hear from anyone who has first hand experience with the local schools, Overton Grange in particular who we hope to visit shortly. They seem to have come a long way from their last review of requires improvement/good to a full house of good!

My daughter is not as academic as my son and we just want to get them into schools where they will flourish whatever their ability, be happy and grow into caring, passionate individuals, doing what makes their world rock - whatever that may be!

LocalEditorSutton Wed 02-Mar-16 19:13:56

Hi PinkPeonie

A close friend's DS is at Overton Grange and he seems to be thriving (he's been there a few years now). It specialises in the Humanities so worth considering this, depending on where your DCs' academic interests and strengths lie.

Greenshaw has a part selective intake which might be suitable for your DS, although traditionally a % of this number has been lost to the nearby grammars which have historically operated a 13+ exam (although not sure that this is still the case).

Also know people who speak very highly of Glenthorne which has some places allocated to children who are very strong in drama, music etc...

Not sure how over-subscribed the secondaries are in Sutton but it may be that you are unable to get both DCs into the same school initially. You would need to check with Sutton Council's mid-term/in-year admissions.

Good luck!


PinkPeonie Tue 03-May-16 12:04:42

We have been very lucky as Overton Grange had twins that left so both of mine were offered a place and started mid March. They absolutely love it although DS thinks the only thing better at his last school was the food smile

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