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hype1986 Fri 09-Nov-12 09:53:38

Times are hard at the moment for all of us and money is tight especially in the run up to Xmas. So!!! I have a very special offer for you all.

This is in response to a lot of people telling me they want to get fit and slim BEFORE Xmas/New Year to look good in photos and avoid the hard work in the New Year, but can't afford regular classes right now due to the Xmas shopping. I run several fitness classes in the Sutton area (Zumba and Bokwa) some which you can bring your kids to, and one has a crèche.

I sell a card of 10 classes (no expiry) usually for £40, but we are running it at a huge discount on Groupon for just £15. That's £1.50 per class. And if you recommend the deal to a friend who then buys it, you get a £6 money-off voucher. This could work out as just £9 then for your deal! You can use the card now to get fit before Xmas, or you can save it and use it in the New Year. You can also buy it as a gift!

Here is the link so snap it up quick as it is limited availability:

If you've got any questions, my number is 07939101708, my email is or my website is x

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