New to Epsom

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Raquelita1 Thu 13-Sep-12 21:37:54

We're new to Epsom and I'm keen to meet other mums with kids the same age (daughter 7 and son 5), especially as we have been allocated a school a bit of a drive away from where we live which means local friends are proving hard to find without that immediate school link. We've moved from Spain so any Spanish-speakers out there would also be great. In fact, in the few weeks that we've been here I have almost had more conversation with Spanish, Mexican, Venezuelan, Peruvian and Argentinean mums than any English ones - feeling a bit culture-shocked, I think, having come from quite a cosmopolitan/multicultural city (in spite of being English myself!), and I'm sure meeting some more people here in Epsom would help me feel more settled. Hope some of you might be interested in meeting up with the little ones in a park or something. Let me know!

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