Moving to South Cheam - advice on schools and area needed

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piupiu Sun 05-Feb-12 21:28:05

The council told me that 1.15km was the furthest distance to those that were offered first. Some of those place may not have been taken up, in which case they would then stretch the net a little wider. They were unable to tell me quite how far it went either last year or any previous years

EmsDad Sat 04-Feb-12 21:01:42

Hi, I see on the Surrey website that last year the furthest place offered was to a pupil 1.15km, or around 0.7miles away from CC. Do you know if this has changed much over the last few years?

FootballFriendSays Sat 21-Jan-12 22:33:47

We have to apply for year 3 for DD1 as she is now at a school 1.5 miles away (state, excellent) which only goes to year 2. Also, we'd like a school closer to home, preferably CC.

The youngest goes to a pre-school close to home. Very pleased with that. We also had a nanny to help, now my mum, looking for someone else to start again, probably live-in again.

We moved here to be closer to DS's new secondary school but feel that DD1 has really got the short straw in all this as she's had to move school in October and she's doing it again next September and we don't know where she'll end up. Few schools have year 3 entry so I think it will be waiting lists for poor old DD1.

There are good schools and it's a nice area, just no guarantees. I wouldn't let that put you off, though, it's the same everywhere.

If the school is more than 2 miles away I think the child can get free taxi arranged by the Council?

Send me a PM and we can talk more smile

piupiu Wed 18-Jan-12 23:05:07

Hi Football friend
Which school did you choose for your daughter in the end? Was it a state school?
I spoke to the council and they gave me a list of 5 schools that had places but all of them were at least 4 miles away and the Ofsteds were all terrible.

How comes you had to apply for year 3? Is she moving to a different school?
Do you use a nursery or a childminder/nanny for your youngest?

Sorry for all the questions - I am so worried that we are going to move and I am going to end up with the kids at home with no school/childcare to go to!

I know nothing about the area so feel very in the dark about this.

FootballFriendSays Mon 16-Jan-12 23:10:57

There are a few nurseries around for your 2 y.o. Regarding the CC school, we moved a few months ago and didn't get a place for our DD (yr 2); we live very close but applied late because that's when we moved. She is at a good school 1.5 miles away now and we have just reapplied for yr 3 entry. We've also applied for Reception for our other DD. Lots of nailbiting in this house waiting for results.

Gleek Sat 14-Jan-12 22:49:20

Cuddington Croft has a good reputation but I don't know it personally. There is a daycare nursery which is Treetops which again is well thought of - not sure about waiting list.

Regarding Cuddington Croft it would be dependent on where you live but the Surrey County Council website will be able to give you info on catchment areas. It's a nice area though, suggest running postcodes of potential houses through the school finder thinking about your two year old and just speaking to them re your older child.

piupiu Sat 14-Jan-12 22:38:54

we are considering a move to South Cheam. We have 2 children, a girl of 7 and a boy of 2 and would like to know of experiences of local schools ( eg Cuddington Croft and Avenue Primaries ) as well as nurseries that are in the area.
Are we likely to get a place for our 7 year old in year 2 of either of these schools and do they have nurseries nearby for the 2 year old?
Thank you!

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