Spanish classes - good venues please?

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Spanishgirl36 Mon 18-Apr-11 00:06:05

I've been doing one on one Spanish tuition for years now, but I'm now trying to launch my own Spanish school and just starting out with a few after school clubs starting after Easter.

The after school clubs run from my home classroom, but I'm also looking to launch a Spanish playgroup, does anyone know of any good venues that aren't too expensive around Sutton/Carshalton/Wallington?? I went to see the new 'Circle Library' and that was lovely but I was just wondering about anywhere else. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Thanks, maria.

cmsb Sun 02-Sep-12 07:30:10

Where did you end up setting up your spanish classes, as I am looking for a group for my kids (aged 3 and 5).
Many thanks

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