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aliedwards Sat 05-Nov-11 21:42:42

I'd definitely go. I was due to pop today but it's not happened yet. Once the little guy does arrive it would be good to know there's stuff to tempt me out of the house.

MarriedtoDRX Tue 02-Aug-11 13:03:18

I live in Ewell and would also go to Epsom if they did this and know several other mums who would too. Have been to Kingston(they only do one showing a week Tuesday in late morn/early afternoon)

EDD24may Thu 07-Jul-11 23:13:19

Hi I'd really be interested in going was v annoyed when I found out epsom don't do itsad

karatats Mon 30-May-11 15:05:43

I think there may be a cinema in sutton that does this. I live in Ewell and if Epsom were to do this I would definitely be interested in taking my 7 month daughter to a showing.

anythingwithagiraffeonit Thu 27-Jan-11 22:13:54

Anyone in or near Epsom.......

Hi everyone!

Has anyone ever heard of Odeon Newbies? Its where the cinema devotes 1 showing of 1 film a week to mothers with babies, so that you can watch a film without worrying people will glare if your baby cries! (Also the lights are slightly higher and the volume slightly lower....

They advertise this... In Epsom!! But they don't ever schedule a Newbies film!

The next closest cinema, Kingston, almost never has a film scheduled, and the same with Wimbledon!

I've emailed customer services about this and after three days recieved a generic email about marketing in Epsom showing a lack of interest... It didn't answer my question about Kingston or Wimbledon.

I refuse to believe that in all the screens in all three of these cinemas they couldn't devote just one film a week... Early in a morning or during a usual slump time to a film we could bring out babies to?!

Would anyone in Epsom and the surrounding areas be interested in taking thier babies (and older DC's perhaps?) to the cinema?

If nothing else, it's just false advetising isn't it?

I'd be really interested in people who would like to go to this! (or not of course!) just so that I could put it to them...

Or if you have the same issue as me, you could always tell them about it? Surely they couldn't ignore us all...

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