Dish the dirt on Carshalton area?

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Jennlx Sun 15-Aug-10 21:48:35

Hi there, we have a 4-month old baby and we are considering moving to Carshalton from Raynes Park. I was wondering if someone could give me the heads up - what are the best and worst things about Carshalton? Just generally, but also in respect of family stuff. For example, I am quite spoilt living here - I attend a babygroup every day of the week. It seems that they are not so common in Sutton? Many thanks!! xx

stainesmassif Sun 15-Aug-10 21:57:21

I used to live at the Rose hill end of carshalton. My advice would be to move as close to the carshalton beeches end as possible. Didn't have ds when we lived there tho, so can't offer much help there.

auntevil Tue 07-Sep-10 14:00:26

There are tons of things to do in Carshalton/wallington for newbies. Try checking out what is on at the children's centres. there are several good centres near me where there are free activities daily. There is also an advice line that has the name of playgroups etc that can be obtained if you phone sutton council. There are good parks, sports centres that have swimming and tumble time (paying!) it depends on what you're looking for but there is something on for most tastes.

KAEKAE Fri 24-Sep-10 10:46:08

I agree, move as close to Carshalton Beeches as possible, its nicer. Rose Hill, St. Helier end is not great. St. Helier is one of the biggest housing estates around, although nowadays most of the homes are privately owned. There are lots of children's centres, most of all the leisure centres have soft play areas and there are a good few toddler groups about. Some lovely parks (Grove Park is lovely) and open green areas.

Contact Sutton Council they will be able to give you a list of all the groups within the area.

bigcar Fri 24-Sep-10 11:27:55

I would also agree with moving more to the beeches end of Carshalton. There are some lovely parks, plenty of greenery around. There have been a lot of childrens centres open in the last few years so there's usually something going on. You can check out websites for the childrens centres, sutton arena and westcroft leasure centre (phoenix centre in Wallington if you've transport) to check out what's on and costs and there are other mum and toddler groups around too. For shopping, Sutton's not bad, has plenty of shops, Croydon isn't that far away. You've got good train links from Carshalton and Carshalton Beeches station.

the schools tend to be quite over subscribed so check out what schools you like the sound of, list on sutton website and think about moving nearby!

Nicolaschulz Sat 09-Oct-10 21:47:05

Carshalton village is lovely, but there is no escaping the traffic. The A232 runs right through the middle and it is constantly busy, I should know, I llive on it! We moved from Earls Court to here 3 years ago and for us that is the big downside. However there are plenty of lovely quiet residential roads, especially around Carshalton Park, best to come and spend a few weekends here and get a feel for the area and best streets to live on.

Nicolaschulz Sat 09-Oct-10 21:51:33

Btw - plenty of baby groups and sure start centres to give you something to do every day of the week. Most of the local churches host a baby group one day a week... (Ruskin Road, Banstead Road on mon/tue respectively)

patsysbliss Mon 18-Jan-16 01:14:01

Carshalton Beeches is the only place to live in this area. Lovely parks, good doctors and hospital. But a decent 3 bed house with character, will set you back at least £500,000 and rising. I've lived here for over 30 years and we are now looking to move down to the Kent coast. Our house just valued at £780,000. You get what you pay for and it's all about location, location, location.

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