Any recommendation on where I can buy fancy dress outfits.

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parachutes Sun 04-Oct-09 13:30:43

Hi, my ds would like a vampire outfit for halloween (please don't suggest I make it as I break out in hives in the presence of any sewing equipment smile), can anyone recommend a local shop/online shop?


tracyface Thu 08-Oct-09 16:32:45


Hobbycraft in Woking (lion retail park) has lots of costumes to buy for adults and children and also the pound shop in Woking town centre Wolsey Walk (near sainsburys) also has some very basic but cheap halloween costumes.

Hope that you find something for your little boy although its very easy to make a black cape from a black dustbin sack and you can improvise with black eyeliner to draw fangs and a bit of lippy for fake blood if you are desperate!

I have got five kids so I have had to be inventive around halloween when I have forgotten to organise costumes.wink

Hope you have a great Halloween !

parachutes Mon 26-Oct-09 13:24:01

Thanks for the help tracyface, we are now the proud owners a vampire outfit!

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