Please can anyone recommend an entrance exam Tutor (secondary) Guildford Area

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surreylady Wed 18-Feb-09 17:36:29

I am looking for a Tutor for secondary entrance exams - techniques as a priority rather than academic content - no idea where to start - private tutor not grouo/Kip McGrath type - Many Thanks

maddylou Thu 19-Feb-09 17:08:28

I do tutoring and am in Godalming.Have successfully tutored for RGS ,Churchers etc .I also do some supply teaching locally.

surreylady Thu 19-Feb-09 21:02:38

Hello Maddylou - I would very much like to speak/contact you if you would be interested in taking on for Jan 2010 entrance exams? Thanks

maddylou Fri 20-Feb-09 07:20:00

Hello surreylady-yes thats a good idea,I don`t have CAT on here so is it possible for you to put up some further detail or maybe suggest a coffee shop where we could meet up to chat it over.I do not want to put too much on here but I am CRB checked and can provide a reference .Thanks very much. Maddylou

surreylady Fri 20-Feb-09 20:42:36

Hello Maddylou - Agree re the public nature of this and afarid to say I don't know what CAT is - do you use Facebook - I could give my name and you could find me? Otherwise I will try and find an email that we can use for initial contact and then give you my details to speak/meet from there - hope I don't sound paranoid. Thanks

maddylou Sat 21-Feb-09 08:45:54

Hi again,
We`ll get there in the end!I am on Facebook-just-I hardly ever look at it,would prefer e mail or meet up please.Rather busy now until Tuesday and may not be able to reply to this straightaway.I am on Friends Reunited too.Thanks for replying.Maddylou

maddylou Sat 21-Feb-09 08:56:47

P.S. CAT is the Mumsnet messaging service which may be the way to go -it costs £5 and I suspect we would both have to join (anyone ?)

surreylady Sun 22-Feb-09 22:05:50

Please could you email me on when you have a mo - I will share contact details and arrangements from there if this is ok - I will check it Tuesday/Wednesday

Many Thanks

maddylou Mon 23-Feb-09 09:03:47

Have done -thanks

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