Tatty Bumpkin - Yoga inspired classes for 2-7 yr olds

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Ruth74 Fri 26-Sep-08 20:10:00

Award winning Tatty Bumpkin classes are coming to Guildford, Godalming, Cobham & Leatherhead from January, with free taster sessions being held at various venues from Oct-Dec.

Tatty Bumpkin classes take children aged 2-7 on a multi-sensory adventure through story, music, yoga-based movement and relaxation. The classes were recently awarded the best physical development activity in the Organix 'What's On for Little Ones' awards - and for so many reasons!

The Benefits:
* helps maintain natural flexibility and provides a channel for your child's boundless energy;
* helps balance and co-ordination as well as brain development;
* magical stories tap into your child's imagination, stimulating their creativity and broadening their speech and vocabulary;
* closing relaxation encourages an inner calm and provides a well-needed escape from the stresses of the busy modern world as well as improving concentration;
* helps your child to interact with others and play actively;
* helps to develop confidence in a non-competitive environment;
* they are FUN!!!

Sessions start with a warm up song 'Bendy, Giggly, Clever and Strong' then we go on an adventure through the Giggle Tree meeting animals, helicopters, sausage rolls and more! The sessions use yoga poses, props, puppets and games throughout the adventure, with a relaxation to music at the end.

To book on a taster session, please contact me, Ruth, at classes@guildford.tattybumpkin.com.

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