Nurseries in Farnham

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hibercote Sat 12-Jul-08 22:01:43

I live in Woking and am about to start a job in Farnham. I am looking to put my son in a nursery there. Can anyone from Farnham tell me any nurseries to avoid, or, even better, recommend any particular one. I am looking especially at ABC and Teddies as they would be most convenient. No room at Starfish.

sbaby Sat 16-Aug-08 03:01:39

You may have already made your decision but thought I'd respond just in case. My daughter is starting at Starfish in Sept but you say that it's now full. When I did the rounds I had Teddies as my second choice - only because getting into the centre of town and parking was more dificult than at Starfish. I have friends who use Teddies and are very very happy with them. Didn't look at ABC and don't know anyone who is using it. Hope this is of some help.

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