Anyone free to meet for a cuppa?

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claresbears Wed 05-Mar-08 23:44:31

Hi there, I'm new to this site, I live in Caterham with Daisy (10mths) and Emily (almost 6yrs) & I work P/T from home. Are there established or regular meet-ups in Redhill/surrounds? If not, would any of you be interested in: making new friends & sharing stories & advice... I have so many issues of my own to chew over: weaning, allergies, breast-feeding, tax credits, ex-partners access rights, schooling. OMG & I have so much more to address too smile

Beary Hugs

Eloise73 Tue 13-May-08 13:16:53

Hello smile

I live in Caterham too and am up for a chat over coffee, my daughter Matilda is almost 6 months and has been weaning for a few weeks (she's a big baby!)

I think in Caterham the NCT has a meet at the Laurels Nursery on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month (only read this today!) so I might pop in next Monday.

I have a few issues too namely weaning - I gave up on tax credits, I keep ringing and talking to people, they say they will send date i've had nothing angry

cjones2979 Tue 07-Jul-09 11:18:20

Hi girls,

I am in Caterham too.. I have 2 boys, Josh who's 5.8 and Callum, 10 months.

I also work P/T from home.

Let me know if you do meet up.

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