Guildford Book Club - Anyone?

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whichwitch Thu 03-Jan-08 16:47:31

I have been looking to join a local Bookclub since moving to Guildford mid 2007.

Any Book Club attenders out there that would welcome a new local member?

Alternatively I might consider starting a new club locally - anyone interested in joining me?


whichwitch Fri 04-Jan-08 20:11:30

Any Takers - Thanks

whichwitch Mon 07-Jan-08 18:54:04

One more try - fingers crossed!

almarama Mon 30-Mar-09 08:19:44

Hi! I'm actually looking to start a Book Club in Guildford too! I see from your message, it was posted over a year ago, so not sure if you even still check Mumsnet, but if you do, please get in touch! Would love to hear from you and let's start "gathering the troups!"

surreylady Sun 12-Jul-09 14:54:31

Just found this when having a clear down sorry to have missed it - did you start a club and if so any vacancies - never got one off the ground not takers here and tried Gumtree which generated some very strange responses.....hmm

sophiaverloren Tue 21-Jul-09 13:19:51

just seen this v old message but I would LOVE to join a bookclub - I'm not organised enough to start my own. Is there anything going on following this thread?

surreylady Mon 27-Jul-09 18:01:26

That makes 2 of us then Sophia...lets see if anyone else is interested - dont mind having a go at organising....would prefer Guildford based (but that is laziness really...)

Samv1969 Tue 11-Aug-09 08:57:48

If you can't find a book club to join my local pub, The Mulberry Inn which is owned by Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans holds an event called "The Big Book Exchange". It is held on the last Tuesday of every month and the details from their website is as follows:

"Don't spend a fortune on bestsellers when you can swap books with your neighbour! Be prepared to take away as many books as you bring, have a chat over a glass of wine and get recommendations on your next bedtime story! See you at 8pm.

Next one is on the 25th August.

There website is and phone number is 01428 644460 and email is

Hope this helps, I love it and it always has great books to swap.


Samv1969 Tue 11-Aug-09 08:59:14

Sorry the pub is just outside Chiddingfold, address is :

The Mulberry Inn
Petworth Road

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