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MHoward Sun 14-May-17 22:44:49

We are looking to move to Deerings Road area of Reigate & trying to work out school catchments and most likely infant/junior combination. Looking at allocations it's in catchment for both Holmesdale and Parish infants but what happens for junior school as not sure if in catchment for Priory?

Can anyone please advise?

Also interested to hear any views on Holmesdale, Parish, and RSM please?

Upallnight3 Tue 16-May-17 06:43:13

Have a look at the Surrey county council website which will show distances.

Parish is now all though so you wouldn't need to tranfer for Junior. However the the last distance will inevitably shrink for the Parish as more and more siblings feed though. There are church places which tend to go out a bit further. Very nice 2 form entry School.

Rsm has a reputation for being rather pressurised. I don't know if that fair. It feeds into the grammar. Some children get pre offers so they don't need to sit the exam. Not Sure what other prep there is if you don't want the Grammar.

Lovely and lovely School. Very big and when i looked round seemed a very happy place to be.

Don't really know much about it other than its pretty huge for an infant School

May09Bump Tue 16-May-17 15:48:54

Just moved from Deerings - DD went to holmesdale (was average at best in my opinion) and then onto Priory (outstanding at getting kids engaged / learning through different experiences). I would rent in deerings area before buying, I found it a nightmare - always building works (residential & roads), traffic congestion & parking has significantly increased over last 4 yrs. Sorry no experience of Parish.

Private schools -Micklefield again average from feedback from friends. RGM - only good feedback from friends.

newmum28 Tue 16-May-17 20:35:58

I would agree with the previous poster. My eldest daughter went to Holmesdale - it's fine, nothing amazing but she had a great time. She is loving Priory, it's absolutely brilliant. My other daughter didn't get in to any of the Reigate schools last year as it was a crazy high birth year and we kept her on waiting lists but eventually sent her to Micklefield. She will go to Priory in Year 3 as her sister will still be there. Micklefield is lovely and I would say the better infant school on balance so far. Hope that helps a bit! Although we live really near Parish, you have to either go to church or literally live next door to get in there.

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