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Milfordmum1 Sat 13-May-17 20:03:25

Relocating back to the U.K. With my son 2 yr old and he's down to start at Longacre school in sept or Jan - we were very impressed with the headmistress but now she's leaving - now feeling unsure of his placement there, any views from current parents on the school or alternative school ideas? Hoping school ethos is as strong as they say and wouldn't change on head leaving. Looking for co-ed non religious. Thanks!

ilovedaffodils Tue 04-Jul-17 20:17:15

Late reply but we're currently at Longacre and would not hesitate to still recommend it. School is in a great position, a new head has just been appointed and the ethos still continues very strongly. The quality of the teaching and the pastoral care carries on delivering what the headmistress sold to you. We signed up under the previous head and the ethos has not changed at all through those two headships - I have confidence in the governors to have appointed a new head to continue the direction of the school and to continue the Longacre ethos. So as a current parent I would strongly recommend you to still join us. Plus the nursery teacher is absolutely amazing at Longacre! Hope that helps.

Milfordmum1 Tue 04-Jul-17 20:35:04

Awesome thank you. We are going ahead with longacre nursery. Looking forward to hearing about the new head- hasn't been communicated to us yet...

ilovedaffodils Tue 04-Jul-17 21:57:13

I'm glad you are still coming. The new head has been appointed but their name has yet to be announced. I hope you love Longacre as much as we do - both my children have been their since nursery and are thriving.

PeppaPig100 Mon 04-Sep-17 21:33:55

Hi! My daughter is down to start in January in nursery too! I heard good things about the new head. I still love the school and know people further up the school that love it. I'm not worried and I hope to see you at nursery!

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