Collingwood College and Tomlinscote school.

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Ncul2468 Wed 19-Apr-17 22:31:35

Hi, my son has just recently moved back to the UK from Central America. I need to get him into a school in the area and I wondered if anyone had children at Collingwood college and what they think of it??

We are moving closer to Tomlinscote school and I would like to get him in there straight away but I think we are to far out the catchment area hence why I am asking about collingwood as well.

Any advice would be great.
Thanks so much

justasec Wed 19-Apr-17 23:58:24

I know people with children at collingwood who really rate it. Some have moved dc from tomlinscote there for different reasons and been pleased. Tomlinscote tends to have long waiting lists so if you're not in catchment you're unlikely to get in. Best bet though is always to visit and see for yourself, what suits one child may not suit another. Good luck!

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