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Thula123 Wed 22-Mar-17 19:23:40

Anyone have knowledge of Belmont Prep? I loved the school and would like to send my son there. My concern is the location and commute to the school (from Guildford side). Where do most parents live and is it a chaotic commute?

Our other option is Barfield Prep which I also really like, however it is quite small, especially in the later years which worries me slightly.

Any nuggets would be gratefully received! I am moving to the area so can be flexible with either location as long as the commute into London is workable.

englishinnj Thu 20-Apr-17 11:44:07

Hi Thula123, I have a child in Year 7 at Belmont. Kids come from all over the place and quite a few from Guildford area, I think they run a bus from the Merrow side of Guildford. I expect once your through Guildford, depending where you live, it's an easy run down the A25 to the school. As the school runs to 13, the higher years are usually strong, we have something like 27 kids in my son's year , good mix of boys and girls, and all of them moving on to many schools. I love Belmont because it doesn't just feed to one or two schools, they are really into helping you get your child into the school that fits them, whether it be somewhere miles away like Gordonstoun or Sherborne, or schools more local like Cranleigh, Lancing etc. We also have kids that go to the local schools as well, whatever works for you ! My son has loved it at Belmont, loves the environment, the Sport, and they manage to keep him on track academically, which can be a challenge sometimes !!! Happy to help with any other questions ! Good luck !

Thula123 Wed 03-May-17 19:20:54

Hi Englishinnj, thank you so much for your message, I have only just seen it which is why I didn't reply sooner. Belmont is still my number 1 but I am still in a quandary with its location and a good place to live for the London commute. I was planning on looking at Bramley/Shalford etc Do you commute from the Dorking side? I am seeing another school on Friday and then will make a decision. Thanks again, Nicola

Lifeisamagic Tue 23-May-17 21:36:04

Thula123, Belmont was in my list as well. But we chose Working over Dorking because of the commute and it also has a few excellent school around.

TuttiFrutti Mon 05-Jun-17 14:32:59

Belmont is a great school - very relaxed and happy but they also push them academically. We have used the Merrow bus before and it's fine.

charmag Wed 05-Jul-17 08:15:22

I hope you don't mind me jumping on this thread. We are also thinking of sending our boys to Belmont amd would love some insider knowledge. We are moving into the area from abroad and feel like we are coming blind to all of this. I have recently seen a couple of thing on various threads that make me wonder about belmont's academic results. Can anyone tell me anything about this? I don't want a really pushy academic school but if we are going to pay I do want to know that they will do well enough to get into good schools at secondary. How does one assess how academic prep schools are as it's hard to gauge from a visit. Thanks.

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