Hampshire, Surrey and beyond? 😳

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Woolly08 Wed 01-Mar-17 14:36:57

Hello folks, well, I've made two momentous decisions this year (and we're only in March! 😂). Firstly, to finally join Mumsnet (check), and secondly, to exit London (flat on the market). I know this a well drilled topic, but I'm desperately looking for some up to date info on the best areas to consider. We started off looking at Fleet, then Farnham and the surrounding areas. Then it was Haslemere and Godalming. Planning to explore Petersfield this weekend, but wondering if we should also check out Camberley??? Anywhere else? We have the usual requirements of needing train links to London and good schools, but really want to find a 'nice' environment for us to bring our daughters up. Looking for the 'forever home' so feeling the pressure!!! 🙈😬 Thanks in advance for any advice 👍🏻

mainlywingingit Wed 01-Mar-17 14:44:24

Look at Areas near train stations Hook
And Winchfield - hook has a good school. That is being developed. And is rural but off the M3 with
Good train connections. It's near fleet/farnham. Lots of families etc. Grew up there and have just moved back from
Life after London. Best decision Ive ever made!

julia43 Wed 01-Mar-17 19:38:06

Odiham? Robert Mays school is supposed to be excellent as a secondary.

Alton? Both senior schools have good reputations - Amery Hill and Eggars...

JoeMaplin Thu 02-Mar-17 12:19:32

Secondary schools in Fleet are excellent, and robert mays which serves hook, odiham etc good too. Winchfield has a massive planning application current being discussed so bear that in mind.

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