Looking for newborn baby to observe (Surrey/SW London)

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katemunford Tue 11-Oct-16 21:06:20

I am a trainee child psychotherapist who is eagerly looking for a newborn baby to observe as part of my professional growth.

I am looking for a baby less than four weeks old, either currently born or due October - December 2016.

The purpose of this is to observe how babies develop and interact with others. Your contribution will help to enhance understanding of child development.

I am required to regularly observe, on a weekly basis for one hour, in your home environment. Timings are flexibly agreed to meet your convenience. This is a supportive, non-intrusive and confidential experience.

I am very happy to talk with you if you have any questions or would like further details. Please contact me on:


formerlondonlass Mon 17-Oct-16 10:43:30

Doesn't seem very non obtrusive... What is the benefit for the parents at having a stranger in their house at such an important time?

katemunford Mon 17-Oct-16 15:49:40

Hi there. Thank you for your comment. Being a parent myself, I understand that this can be a very demanding and busy time so it's important to talk through how I may contribute in a positive way to family life.

Parents who have taken part in this type of observation in the past have commented on it being interesting, insightful, supportive and very rewarding.

Having a person who is regularly there each week, to listen with a kind ear, can be reassuring at a time when there is so much unpredictability. Having me there is a chance to talk through your experiences; highs, lows, anxieties, concerns, joys etc. which will not be judged but received with kindness and empathy. It's an hour each week devoted to you and your baby, with no distractions or competition for attention.

Speaking from a personal point of view, when I had children I craved opportunities to meet with other people because I wanted routine, adult social interaction and someone to share my new experiences with. Going from working full time in an environment that was very busy and sociable, I found maternity leave and parenting quite lonely at times throughout the days.

My hope is that we would build up a trusting, familiar relationship where you are able to feel relaxed and be yourself, in the comfort of your home. The benefit of this is that we will both witness and cherish the growth of your child in a way that they are the focus of our attention- something which any child will relish.

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