Relocating to East Horsley

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Katken Thu 08-Sep-16 13:33:37

Hi there,
I'm brand new to Mumsnet and hope I'm in the right place for help!
Our family (my husband and I, and our two children - almost 10 yr old daughter and almost 3yr old son) are moving from Twickenham to my husbands home town of East Horsley in the next few weeks/months - as soon as the house purchase go through!

Relocating is a daunting prospect, my biggest worry (apart from trying to get a yr5 school place for my daughter and find a nanny/childminder for my son) is friends - we've been in Twickenham for 14 years and leaving lovely friends behind is scary, not only for my 10yr old daughter but for me too!

Just wondered if anyone else is in a similar situation, or has children the same age and might like to meet up? My daughter is arty, active and a bit tomboyish, my son is a train obsessed ball of energy.

Any help or advice about the local area, schools, groups would be amazing!
Katken xx

holidaysrcoming Wed 28-Sep-16 22:53:31


I don't think the Surrey local board is that well used tbh ! If you have q's about schools or nurseries prob best to put in the education section.

I think you will find hundreds of other families in Horsley who have moved from London outskirts who all felt the same as you do now. All of whom had their babies, networks and friends there but it is just as easy to build those here, so pls don't worry. I don't know anyone who has moved back !

My children are quite a lot older than yours but if you have any qs about the schools etc pls ask away. There are plenty of clubs, sports, dance etc. There are a good few playgroups - some run by churches but pls don't be put off at all if you aren't a churchgoer, all very friendly and welcoming. Many of the local childminders will go to these as well.

Good luck with the move and feel free to msg me with any qs x

Mymothersdaughter Thu 20-Oct-16 22:58:37


I'm new here too! Schools wise- have you thought about Coworth Flexlands? My niece goes there- lovely little school which has really helped my niece grow her confidence. There's a reasonbly priced nursery (Skylark) which is part of the school too.

Hope that's helpful, might as well use my first post trying to help someone! smile

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