Leaving Collywood for Surrey

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Nomadtech Mon 15-Aug-16 21:09:04

Evening all,

We are looking to move out of Colliers Wood to Surrey. Have been looking at Guildford/Woking/Sutton/Reigate/Whyteleafe/Purley. Want a house and good schools. DH works in Holborn and I work in North London.

Budget is circa £500K and am looking for a semi-detached. Open to a project, as that will get more for the money.

Alternative is to look at Kent, such as Tunbridge wells. But DH wants to retain diverse feel of London and feels Surrey is more diverse.

Where did you move from and did you ever regret leaving London?

You are happy with the realities of commuting from Surrey to north London?

Optimist1 Mon 15-Aug-16 21:29:59

Agree with LadyG - you really need to think hard about a commute to North London. Perhaps Hertfordshire would fit your requirements?

I know nothing of Colliers Wood, so can't make comparisons, but would say that Sutton (the only one of the places you mention that is actually in a London borough) is the one I would least like to live in!

May09Bump Mon 15-Aug-16 21:31:52

God - don't move to Reigate, the trains are driving everyone bonkers. Its taking DH 2hrs some days instead of 40 mins. Also no trains from reigate on some occasions, so have to go to Redhill, and its hit and miss whether you can get a taxi to the station. Schools - independent and state are oversubscribed. Budgetwise - depends on how many beds, etc - but 500k won't get you much in a good school catchment.

Nice park, ok highstreet. Nice countryside on doorstep. I live in Reigate and would prefer Guildford. Not lived In London, but other large cities.

LIZS Mon 15-Aug-16 21:33:32

You won't get much in Reigate for £500k, also schools very oversubscribed. Commuting is horrible atm , North London could take up to 2 hours.

shalalala Mon 15-Aug-16 21:36:35

What are your house requirements? Ie bedrooms. Guildford is a great commute, Woking even better (one of the surrounding villages not the town though!)

Nomadtech Sun 21-Aug-16 22:14:54

Hi all,

Thanks for your comments thus far. I am considering changing jobs to somewhere more central if we move. In regards to number of beds, 3 at a minimum with a loft conversion later.

Woking has more frequent trains, but not too sure of the villages aside from Brookwood?

cece Mon 22-Aug-16 07:28:57

Horsell and St Johns both nice areas of Woking. Also look at West Byfleet. I personally wouldn't want to live in Brookwood.

Woking train is 28 mins to Waterloo.

Horsell detached


West Byfeet


Nice area but a drive to station

Daisies123 Mon 22-Aug-16 15:02:22

We're in Staines, which is nice- nice parks and riverside walks. 35 mins to Waterloo and your budget would be fine for a semi. Schools in Staines seem to be rubbish (we have baby so not at that stage yet) but schools close by seem to be ok- know some kids doing very well at them and very happy. There are a few problems with plane noise, but you can mostly avoid that if you choose carefully. There is also a handy back up route home if the trains cock up (happened to me twice in 15 months) as you can get Piccadilly line to Heathrow or Hatton Cross, and then bus to Staines (or get someone to pick you up!)

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