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Nutmeg26 Sat 16-Jul-16 10:45:26

hmmAny advice needed please... I have a son going into yr 3 at a state Primary School in Esher and have just been offered a place for my daughter at Cobham Free School for reception. I've only heard good things about the school but we are also happy with my sons current primary Cranmere. My daughter is keen to go to school with her brother as she knows the school and some of her friends will be going there too but I'm aware that if she goes to CFS then he will get entry into the Senior school when he moves up. As we are currently in a feeder school for Esher High but live in the Rydens catchment we are worried about what will happen in 3-4 yrs time when he moves to senior school and are uncertain where he will end up. We only have a week to decide on something that will ultimately affect the future schooling for both and are in turmoil over what to do. My head says CFS but my heart says Cranmere. Any advice will be gratefully received. Thanks

OfstedAintEverything Sat 16-Jul-16 12:08:20

Is your boy in a feeder school for Esher high and you LIKE this plan? Then don't move him. He will be settled by now, and if you like Cranmere then why change? Cobham Free School is over in Molesey at the minute, isn't it? In temp accomodation? If it moves back to Cobham you'll have a rubbish school run (and Esher High is out of that cahement I reckon, though not 100%).
Unless you're unhappy with the Esher school I'd say keep your DS where he is, take the place at CFS temporarily for DD, and put her on the sibs waiting list for Cranmere.

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