Royal Earlswood Park over South Sutton / Charshalton / Wallington / Ewell

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bowcreek Thu 14-Jul-16 11:18:15

Hello there - We are a couple in our early 30s and looking to buy for the first time.

Budget around £400K looking for a 2-3 bed house preferably or a spacious flat around Sutton / Carshalton / Ewell / Wallington and have seen that this budget can get us something decent we are looking for. However we recently came across this fabulous development in Royal Earlswood Park near Redhill. We can get a really beautiful 2 bed flat with high ceilings and lovely grounds in the same budget.

OH works in Epsom and for now I mostly work from home and sometimes from office in Blackfriars.

Having come across this development we are thinking if we should really consider it over the areas we've been looking at I mentioned. Its quite further out of London than other places but its purely the development we know could potentially be a lovely place to live.

but how is Redhill otherwise and would it be a good decision if we buy there? What are your thoughts about it please?

I am looking for pick your thoughts about local life, commute and general experience of living in Royal Earlswood for a young couple with no kids.


JoEtAl Fri 26-Aug-16 21:18:12

Reigate is 100% great and all around is good country side. Redhill pretty grim. Earlswood ok - victorian terrace sprawl but not even a decent cafe to speak of... not a lot there.. If you don't have kids to enjoy countryside and aren't into cycling it's not much fun probably. and south of Earlswood is rather bleak.

JoEtAl Fri 26-Aug-16 21:24:42

Ps commute is horrendous on all Southern Rail lines literally news-worthy bad! I'd go for Epsom personally or even Dorking

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