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piperchapman44 Mon 27-Jun-16 15:25:40

I'm thinking of moving from SW London to Witley, nr Godalming, following a divorce. It would just be me and my dd and at some point we would get a dog to complete our family! I've looked for ages for somewhere with a secondary school which I think will suit her and I like the look of Rodborough there because although she's quite academic, she loves drama and art and I think going somewhere where those subjects are well catered for will keep her happy and therefore able to do her best in all subjects.

I've never lived in a village and I'm a bit nervous, I would like to feel part of a community as I feel very lonely in the suburbs of London.

I work in E London so the commute is a bit difficult but it is from where I am now - I spend 30 minutes standing up on SW trains so I am hoping 50 minutes sitting down will be preferable!

I'd really appreciate people's views & experiences both on the school and the village and how easy it will be for both of us to make friends. We're quite sociable and are happy to join clubs etc. Thank you!

MoreJuice Mon 27-Jun-16 19:01:20

Witley hasn't got any shops ( one village shop) have you visited? It's I between two small towns but there's not much in the actual village. Nearest shops like post office, takeaways are Milford which still has no high street. Depending where you would live it could also be a walk to the train station.
How well do you know the area?

piperchapman44 Mon 27-Jun-16 19:14:26

I've driven around a little and Milford was too much of a town for me, I liked the surrounding areas a lot but I can't be too remote - I'm not so bothered about shops but I want to make sure that dd can get around when she is a teenager, and at least there is a bus service, and a train station. I cycle so getting to the station isn't a huge problem . I thought the shop in Witley seemed good and was friendly, I haven't ventured into the pub it looked nice. Just wondered how many village events etc there would be. Do you think a village with a high street has more community spirit then?? Just need to be in definite catchment of a suitable school. As it's only 3 miles from Godalming and on train route to Guildford I thought shopping needs would be fulfilled!

MoreJuice Mon 27-Jun-16 19:39:48

If you think Milford is too much like a town I think you will be fine. I moved to a Hamlet of Witley from a London uni years ago. It was a culture shock for me, but if you have looked around you know what it's like. If your ok not being walking distance to a takeaway then your ok. Godalming is fine for shopping and Guildford is very close. The school is great, I hear they to build up the PTA so a good opertunity to meet people that way. Both pubs are a good way to meet people. I think that most locals know each other but it's big enough to not have that if you don't want to

piperchapman44 Mon 27-Jun-16 19:44:26

No not bothered about takeaways! I was just googling haslemere, as I wondered if I would feel a bit isolated, so I may go and visit there and weigh up which feels more me. Woolmer Hill School seems ok too although i prefer the look of Rodborough - impossible to tell really though! I live in Kingston now and it's all new flats and the shopping is so crowded and I've just had enough - plus my budget doesn't stretching to living here after divorce. Love being by the river though, but being near countryside would be just as lovely. Whenever we go out for the day we always head towards Guildford and we never go shopping so I feel I'm in the wrong place (but I know dd will need shops when she gets older)

MoreJuice Mon 27-Jun-16 20:53:27

It depends how rural you like life. Haslemere has more to offer in the way of amenities. It's also fast line into London. If you want to get a train out of Witley it's once a hour out side of rush hour. Haslemere is more of a mainline station. Godalming is starting to feel less and less like a market town with lots of apartment blocks popping up all over the place. I love Haslemere but I love Witley too and know I'm extremely lucky to live here. All the schools are good here. A lot of local kids go to Bohunt now as its ( or was?) one of the top five schools in England. You would no issue getting a place at Woolmer hill because of that. Rodborough always has a list for every year group I think.

avidbookworm Mon 27-Jun-16 23:10:49

Witley is great IMO and IME! There are actually 2 shops (3 if you count the basket shop!) - the newly refurbished Witley Stores and Francis which is a newsagents. Milford has a Co-op and Tesco Express so well served by places to get a pint of milk and fresh bread.
The two pubs are good. The White Hart is really popular and you usually need to book a table to eat there. The Star is a more locals pub, very friendly and holds events etc.
Rodborough is a nice sized secondary school. Not too big to be impersonal but big enough to have lots of extra curricular stuff on offer.
I think Witley sounds like a good fit for you. Haslemere and Godalming are lovely for small shopping trips, Guildford for teens shopping needs!
Witley Fete was this weekend with dog show. Always a good day out.

MoreJuice Mon 27-Jun-16 23:32:29

I forgot the newsagent and basket shop ( never seen anyone go into the basket shop but it's always open ) oh there's a hairdressers too. Forgot about them all dispite driving past every day for over 20 years....

piperchapman44 Tue 28-Jun-16 06:57:55

Brilliant thank you, I've googled Haslemere and I don't think it's for me, apart from for shopping trips which it sounds good for.

I've always lived in towns and I just want to try something different, and I'm really not bothered about shops, apart from having somewhere to walk to , say hello to people on the way and it sounds like Witley has enough for me.

Also from what I understand teens tend to head to Guildford so Haslemere is probably a bit far out. I'm quite happy to transport out of hours (single parent with one child!) but I know when she's old enough she'd like to get the bus herself into town , etc. And I do like the look of Rodborough, we have excellent schools where I live now and so I have a little guilt about moving her away from them, but none of them have the extra curricular art/drama offerings like Rodborough does.

And a fete with a dog show - sold!

I saw the basket shop. Will have to pop in next time I'm around!

Thanks for the advice !

avidbookworm Tue 28-Jun-16 12:44:52

You're welcome. Let us know if you end up here - happy to have coffeesmile

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