School Holiday clubs in East Surrey

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alipb77 Tue 07-Jun-16 20:59:56

Does anyone have any experience of using holiday clubs in East Surrey? I'm looking for the summer holidays now, and a bit snowblinded by the amount on offer. I've been looking at Sporting steps that runs at Hillcroft School in Caterham, the one run by Tandridge at de stafford, or the YMCA one in Redill. Has anyone used any of these, or are there any others that are highly recommended? It's for a 5 year old, and I'd rather one that has a mix of sports activities and crafts, rather than solely sports. Any suggestions, or advice on the above ones (good or bad)? Thanks.

twofingersfinal Tue 07-Jun-16 21:48:10

Hi There I regularly use both Sporting Steps and de Stafford for my dc 5 and 8as we are local to both. Both are great and all.mine like going to both of them, we tend to mix and match. The staff at both are particularly good. I also use the one at croydon high and sporting steps when its in croydon as sonetimes it easier to get back to croydon for 5.30pm. Only downside of de stafford (unless its changed) is it finishes at 5 not 5.30 and i find it hard to get back from work for then.

alipb77 Wed 08-Jun-16 19:17:01

sorry for the massively delayed response, but thank you for giving me your opinions on this - its always good to hear the views of someone who's used a particular service, and I'm glad to hear that your DCs enjoy both of these. I work locally so getting to De stafford by 5 shouldn't normally be an issue, but its useful to know in any case.

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