Anyone want to help me choose a house around Bookham?

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StuntNun Mon 06-Jun-16 13:37:56

My OH has got a job in Weybridge and we have a shortlist of five houses that we're thinking about renting. Would anyone local be able to have a look and see if anything good or bad leaps out about them. Four are in the Bookham area and one is near Addlestone. Moving day is getting closer and closer so we need to choose soon! We have one child in high school, one in primary, one about to start his nursery year, and a baby.

Addlestone house
Bookham 1 house
Fetcham house
East Horsley house
Bookham 2 house

Any help would be much appreciated. It's so hard choosing when you're only looking on the web.

BeansForTeaAgain Mon 06-Jun-16 16:18:02

Hi I would personally move to the East Horsley one. Mainly for the school situation and it's a fantastic village. I am probably biased as that's where I live

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