Primary schools in Cranleigh

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Quickflick Thu 28-Apr-16 17:48:38

I'm really excited that we've made the decision to move to Cranleigh from London later this year with my two little ones (currently 3 and 21 months)! It will be in time to apply for a reception place for my little boy for next year (2017). So next step is to double check school options smile

I can see the St Cuthburt Mayne and the Park Mead are good options based on the latest offsteds. Does anyone have experience of them and the application process? My husband is Catholic, but I'm not and the kids aren't christened. Does the application take faith into consideration? And is the Church of England school bad, or just had a poor offsted for a specific reason? And any feedback on Park Mead?

Also, sorry more questions!, do either of them have preschools or nursery's attached? I'll need cover for both kids 3 days/week until the boy goes to school proper, and it would make sense for him to get into the preschool need to the school he's most likely to get into to to minimise changes for him - he's a sensitive sausage! Any nursery recommendations?

Phew, that's it for now. I would really appreciate any insight you can provide.


MNKingstonSurrey Tue 14-Jun-16 18:13:53

Thanks for your post, sorry nobody's replied confused.

We've shared it on our Facebook page (broadcast this evening), hopefully you'll see feedback shortly smile

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