Moving to Farnham - any advice on areas & commuting :)

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NJNR2016 Mon 25-Apr-16 09:55:53

Hi everyone,
I’m hoping you can help me. Am looking to move to Farnham (looking for a nice buzzy town, near to countryside that is friendly and commutable to Woking). I’m looking to buy – we’re first time buyers so it will probably be a shoe box, but wanted to ask if there are any areas of Farnham to avoid or if all are ok? I’ll need to take the train to work so will either need a walk/bus or drive to the station. Is parking at the station a nightmare/is traffic a nightmare to get to the station in the mornings?
Any advice hugely appreciated!

BorderlineBetty Tue 26-Apr-16 08:56:49

Hi NJNR, Farnham is a lovely town, but I don't know the residential areas that well. On the station, parking is okay, the one way system can get very sticky at rush hour. Depending which side of Farnham you are on, you may be able to avoid it. If you are on the Aldershot side of Farnham, look into driving to Aldershot station which might be quicker than battling the one way system. The parking there is good and cheaper than Farnham.

NJNR2016 Wed 27-Apr-16 10:03:06

Thanks BorderlineBetty - good suggestion!
Does anyone know the upper hale area at all / Wrecclesham? Seem to be cheaper but wasn't sure if they're nice and how easy (or otherwise!) it would be to get to the town or station!

FannyFanakapan Wed 27-Apr-16 10:12:49

cheaper housing in Ash, Ash Vale, Tongham, Mychett, Normandy. Ash Vale to Woking is a direct and fast train. Getting to Farnham station in the morning would be a nightmare, you would be better off looking towards the areas mentioned - you could even drive to Woking, avoiding all the traffic by going via Pirbright. Good parking at Ash and Ash Vale, cheap too, if you get there early. CHeaper housing in ALdershot, although there are some dodgy areas there. Farnborough (hampshire) also doable, as is Frimley.

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