Dorking - catchment for Ashcombe?

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piperchapman44 Mon 18-Apr-16 21:12:36

DD is in yr 3 and we are going to have to sell up and move due to a split with her dad.

We live in Kingston and I'm getting very depressed by looking at what i can afford- max budget is 550k but probably more like 500k (depending on settlement). I'd also like a fresh start and some countryside.

I'm thinking of Dorking - but I;m confused about the catchment for Ashcombe - according to the good schools guide it looks tiny. Where do all the children from Brockham go? Would somewhere like punchbowl lane cover it? It would be such a disaster if she didn't get in - here the schools are outstanding and I feel terrible just thinking of leaving (except that she wouldn't have to live in an overpriced flat)

I would keep dd in her school until secondary so it looks like a 45 min drive from Dorking to Ashcombe - early , as she does breakfast club - we'd be driving from 630 so would the traffic be ok into kingston? Am I mad to think of this? It would probably be for years 5 & 6.

DD is keen to move to a village - I showed her some houses in Dorking and she liked them - but then was disappointed by photos of the high street. However I don't think she realises that come 5 years she'll be wanting to go out with her friends and being in a village might be a pain for her.

I also feel that Kingston is a bit rough at weekends, so would like to move away - but appreciate she will probably just head somewhere similar?!

piperchapman44 Mon 18-Apr-16 21:13:39

i mean 45 min from dorking to kingston - tired - too much thinking!

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