Parkside School in Cobham

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puppy2016 Sat 16-Apr-16 15:43:07

Hi - we are moving from London to Oxshott and have 2 young boys, 6yrs and 9 yrs old. We have looked at many schools around the area and have noticed that only Parkside School offers only boys education which we like. As we are going to be new to the area, can I please get some insight from people about the school. Is it academic, is it a happy school and as I know they do a lot of sport do they offer other alternatives such as Music and Drama? Some feedback would be much appreciated. Thx

Saz23sunshine Mon 18-Apr-16 16:00:30

Hello! Whilst my two lads are now teenagers, I thought I would drop you a quick line with an 'outsiders' point of view on Parkside. From comments made by others, it is a gentle easy school, not really known locally for its fierce academic approach, more a nurturing caring environment. I think it has a solid reputation for all aspects of school life, and doesn't seem to focus on any one particular strength. Its a school that 'locals' send their kids to, so will have a manageable radius for play dates! The new Head was previously the Head of Junior School, at the co-ed school my kids have almost finished at - they had passed through to Senior School before he took on the Junior School Head role, but I know he was respected and liked by pupils and parents, and we felt it was a shame that he moved on. In summary, a good call for a school - not to pushy, not known as being dominated by any specific aspect of school life, and decent, pleasant kids. Hope that helps! Sxx

willowsimp Fri 22-Apr-16 17:50:14

Hi OP - my son has been in pre prep for a year now and I absolutely LOVE everything about Parkside! I have a tendency to find fault in most things (!) but honestly, this school surpasses every hope I had. It's gently pushing (which my son really needed) - he has improved 100% in all aspects since joining there. The bright kids are challenged and the average ones are nurtured - that's all you can ask for! The grounds are incredible - so much space which they utilise fully (cricket lessons in the summer, after school clubs are gardening, tennis etc), loads of football matches and a swimming pool. And their music department is amazing and definitely nurturing for musical types. I could go on for ages - please PM me if you want more info ;-))

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