Hinchley Wood / Long Ditton

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scrumbrum12 Fri 15-Apr-16 14:29:47

We need to move from SW London to have easier access to the A3 and relatives.
We have seen a few properties we like in the Hinchley wood and Long Ditton areas in the catchment for what on paper look like great state schools. We have driven and wandered round a bit and it seems ok but comments from friends have worried us that it may be hard to fit in. Are people generally friendly and welcoming to all (we are quite a diverse and down to earth family!!) . Would really welcome honest opinions. Also, any views on Hinchley wood secondary - any good for arty, dyslexic children? Thanks

massagegirl Tue 03-May-16 05:33:32

It's so friendly! Thames ditton and Claygate have real villagey feel. Really near to Kingston for theatre, music, comedy, restaurants shopping etc.

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