Moving to Godalming after the school application deadline

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Luwa Sun 20-Mar-16 12:05:02

I posted this on the general mumsnet page and then realised it probably made more sense to post this in the Surrey section. Sorry if its duplicating!
We are hoping to move to Godalming from SE London over the summer and to start new schools in Sep. My girls are currently in reception and year 2 ( so we would be applying for year 1 and year 3 places) at an outstanding school ( so feeling v nervous!). Moving for a general improvement in space and Quality of life etc. I have contacted schools admissions who say we can apply for year 3 places even with a London address ( although my thinking is that if all schools are over subscribed then we would only get placed on a waiting list and be right at the bottom of the list!) and would have to make an in year application for our youngest in June. We havent found a house yet but aiming to live within walking distance of Godalming or Farncombe station. I don think at this stage that our address will have much impact on which school we get allocated? Does anyone have any experience of having done this and have any advice or when to do what? I want the kids to finish their year at their current school ( until end of July) but cant work out then how we get places at a different school! As school admissions seem to shut over the summer ? I also have the list of number of places offered in 2015 for all schools in Waverley. I can see the schools that were less subscribed ( i.e. Green Oak School). I have seen other threads with positive experiences of this school and so wondering whether it makes sense to apply to schools which are less likely to be over subscribed ( in order to make sure we dont get sent to a school on the other side of the district) or whether we should hold out for other schools...just in case? Basically, i feel like im floundering and any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

Evalina Sat 26-Mar-16 20:07:48

I would just start by contacting the schools to see if any do have places due to children leaving. You are likely to need 2 different schools as there are quite a lot of infant schools then middle schools. Try Busbridge and St Edmunds. If no places in Godalming or Farncombe schools then you may find spaces at village schools as long as you will have a car and can drive. St James at Elstead goes from 4 to 11. St Mary's at Shackleford and Puttenham are both outstanding infant schools.

Luwa Sun 03-Apr-16 20:20:42

Thankyou for your reply Evalina. We are also open to looking at Witley too so we shall have to wait and see what happens once we find a house!

Luwa Sun 24-Apr-16 13:15:27

Hello again, we have had an offer accepted on a house in Godalming ( but have still to get an offer on our house in London).Just trying to plan ahead a bit and was wondering, is anybody able to tell me, as a general rule of thumb, what the pick up times are for infants and juniors? Im assuming that they have different drop off/pick up times ( to allow for picking up at a child at each school).Do these vary depending on the schools? (we havent yet got school places sorted). Im trying to predict how I might be able to organise work around school drop off/pick ups etc.
Thanks for any advice, L

Godalminggranny Sun 15-May-16 07:47:24

Busbridge Infants 3 15
Busbridge Junior 3 30

extravocado Sun 22-May-16 14:23:48

From what I have heard Farncombe infants and Godalming juniors are a little more difficult to get places for.

Greenoak no longer needs to be feared anymore are there has been a complete change over the last couple of years and it's turned into a lovely school. They have a breakfast club that allows you to drop between 8 and 8.30. School ends at 3.20.

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