Lanesborough V Longacre

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scrumptious1 Sun 24-Jan-16 20:02:40

I am just wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on both Lanesborough & Longacre schools my DS aged 3yrs has been accepted into both for nursery (wasn't sure if he would be offered either)... I'm finding it a struggle to make a choice between both schools. I would be grateful of any information of parents with children at either. Thank you.

sonners123 Mon 01-Feb-16 19:04:44

I think you've probably had to make a decision by now... but Lanesborough is a fantastic school. DS1 is currently in Shell and DS2 will be starting nursery this September. It's a nurturing yet stretching environment, and it's a such a lovely group of little boys. DS1 skips through the gate each morning. I can't speak too highly of the school thus far and the parents you speak to 'up' the school seem to echo this. Hope that helps!

Tigertravel Mon 08-Feb-16 17:38:25

We have been at Longacre since September in Reception and he just loves it, he has never complained about going to school. The headmistress is just an amazing lady who knows every single child their likes and dislikes, the school is great for creativity ad nurturing whatever it is your child loves. I love the fact that each morning our son is greeted by other children from each year and there is a real sense of community in the school, all my interactions with the children have been amazing they are all polite and yet still retain their individuality. You know your child so trust your instinct.

Saz23sunshine Mon 18-Apr-16 16:11:33

Hello! I'm further down the line with my boys - one at Uni, one in Sixth Form, but they both went through Lanesborough. I found it a nurturing good all round school. The staff were great, and understood boys completely - they had just the right level of discipline to keep all the boys in check, without it being too intense. My boys were offered places at their next schools of choice, and we did not need any independent coaching to assist their assessments. A good choice, small enough to feel personal, but strong enough to send them confidently on their way to the next stage. Sx

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