Moving from Richmond to Kingston or Claygate?

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SurreySuz Fri 15-Jan-16 09:57:57

hi ladies
Im expecting DC2 soon so with a very heavy heart we are putting our lovely (but tiny 2 bed) Richmond property up for sale and looking to move somewhere bigger with a garden.
have seen a few houses and main contenders are-
North kingston 4 bed, beautifully finished, lovely downstairs & 4 bedrooms (2 pretty small) with a 60 foot garden. Drawback- on a fairly busy road, not an A road, but cars going past outside around 25 mph, not heavy traffic. Cant hear it inside house.

Claygate- totally detached on quiet lane, wrap around stunning garden, perfect downstairs layout ie. snug sitting room, study, look, utility and open plan kitchen diner BUT only 3 bedrooms.
Both houses would be catchment for amazing schools, both same distance to station.
Are we mad to think of only getting a 3 bed when we could afford 4 ? There is a downstairs room that currently has a sofa bed that guests could stay in in the Claygate. Kingston definitely more practical and my head saying that down to more bedrooms etc, but heart and dream of more rural life and loving the downstairs space, saying Claygate. House catchment for Claygate primary which feeds into Hinchley wood secondary, so that is huge bonus?
Any thoughts appreciated.

SurreySuz Sat 16-Jan-16 16:40:29

I'd go for the 3bed sounds apart from lack of 4th bedroom has much going for it, Claygate is lovely, i will PM you with more details x

SurreySuz Sat 16-Jan-16 16:40:45

sorry posted in wrong thread!

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