Commute from Redhill?

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AmyWT88 Wed 11-Nov-15 13:33:24


My husband and I have just sold our flat in Surbiton but can't afford a house there so we are looking at where to move to so we can buy a home and start a family. He works in Esher but I commute to central London, and will need to continue doing this (babies or no babies). I know there is lots of planned work for the Redhill train line, including stations like Coulsdon South, but it's hard to find out exactly what impact this is having/will have on commuters.

Can anyone tell me honestly what the commute is like from Redhill and surrounding stations? I've found a few things online that make it seem like hell, which really puts me off the area, but our problem is finding an affordable alternative.

Many thanks in advance for any advice...


Alewis1981 Sat 28-Nov-15 19:58:26

Is love to know too! I'll be following this and would be interested to know what the commute's like from reigate too.

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