Highfield South Farnham School and Nursery

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Veggimum Wed 04-Nov-15 13:07:03

I'm moving to Farnham and have been offered a place for my ds at Highfield South Farnham and could send my dd to the nursery too. But I can't find much about what it's like online.
I know the main South Farnham school (which has a waiting list) is very good but want to know what this primary version is like. Primary works better for us as then I won't be doing 2 school runs eventually when the youngest starts.
Does anyone go to the school/nursery and can tell me more?!!?

tearevivesyou Thu 26-Nov-15 07:49:51

Until this year it was called Pilgrim's Way. It's now under the umbrella of South Farnham school.

GWilson Thu 07-Jan-16 22:04:01

My ds started in year 3 at Highfield South Farnham in September, after we moved to Farnham. To be honest, we didn't really have any other options as there were waiting lists everywhere else. I was a little anxious as the school had already joined the South Farnham group but had heard about its past. When visiting before he joined I was very impressed and have continued to be so. The school is very friendly and welcoming and he settled in and made friends extremely quickly. He loves going to school and talks about what he is learning so much more than his last school. The teaching standards seem very high, making subjects fun and interesting and recognising those children who require more challenges or extra help in certain areas. The setting is lovely with all the classrooms leading out onto the outside space. The staff to pupil ratios are good and there is clearly mutual respect between staff and pupils. The Headmaster is very present and approachable and there is a strong PTFA. My other ds is in the nursery at the school, which I can't praise enough. It is such a caring place and he has grown in confidence and also made good friends since he started. All in all, I'm very pleased to be part of the school. I hope this helps and good luck! You will love Farnham, I'm sure!

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