Earn extra cash without need for childcare

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Penstudios Mon 05-Oct-15 18:03:19

Hi, I'm a mum who started ukulele led music classes for babies and toddlers as a job that fits around my toddler. I'm looking for another mum to help me, by leading the actions to the childrens songs. You don't need to play the ukulele. Also, pls
note that you can bring your child with you to the classes (I often do). No experience necessary. You would receive 40% of the class earnings and we could do 3-6 classes a week. If we charge say £5 per mum and have 11 mums in each class you would earn £132 per week. I live in Cobham & Stoke Dabernon and the classes would be based here and the surrounding areas. We could increase the number of classes if there was a demand/ you had time in the future. Pls message me back on here if interested and we could arrange to meet up for a coffee and chat about it.

scrumptious1 Mon 25-Jan-16 15:50:40

Hello there, I've only just noticed your post. Are you still looking for someone to do the actions to your songs? I have a 3yr old at nursery but would love to fit in some hours around that. I can hold a tune if necessary and know a little bit of sign language. Let me know if you want to discuss this further.......cheers.

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