Kingston or Epsom Hospital? I want an elective C section!

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LadyV Wed 05-Aug-15 10:36:21


I'm 41, with 3 children, 9 and twins of 6. New relationship. Moved to Hinchley Wood, and all very happy.

Just discovered I am pregnant! very, very early days.

Seen the doctor and need to decide which hospital to attend, Kingston or Epsom?

At my age, and having had an emergency C with DD and elective with the twins, I am scared and want to have a C section again.

Has anyone any experience / advice as to the hospitals?

I shouldn't be so nervous - not my first rodeo! But worried because of my age...

Many thanks

autumn51 Wed 12-Aug-15 15:39:18

I had an elcs at Kingston, was very good. However the hospital is very busy and popular, I think it's rated top maternity unit in London.

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