Getting children to learn proactively via sensitively managed rewards

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MNKingstonSurrey Thu 09-Jul-15 12:36:18

Getting your child to learn a subject like maths can be a difficult task for many parents, the usual demand is often: ‘what use is it to me?’; they just don’t get the point of it. Also, children can switch themselves off from mathematics at a very early age if they can’t see how the subject relates to the real world. The challenge then, is how to motivate kids to persevere with this core subject.

Could the answer lie with reward-based learning? Do you use rewards to encourage your children to study and learn? What rewards do you use? How can parents effectively manage reward without children demanding them? is an innovative maths learning website for children between 7 and 14. Video tutorials, pocket money rewards, parental reports and more.

Read more about and their motivational maths philosophy here:

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