Royal kent cofe primary school or St Andres

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Edinburgh78 Tue 30-Jun-15 12:07:28

Hi there

We are moving to Surrey from Australia in Aug, our school of choice was Esher Church school/Ashley cof primary school - walton. it looks like we can't get in (they're full.) We have not bought a house yet, so will rent in the area once we have chosen a school. We have been looking at Royal kent school - Oxshott and St Andrews (oxshott.) I was wondering if any one's kids or you know of anyone who has attended these school? i have twins who are 5 and my eldest is 6. If you could recommend any other schools that have a good name that would be so helpful.. We are not from Surrey so don't know the area at all. We just don't want to live in LND. Many thanks.

Fairmilefred Mon 06-Jul-15 22:08:45

We looked at both but decided upon St Andrew's and we couldn't have been happier. My eldest left last year with an academic scholarship to a local private school and my twins are leaving in a couple of weeks time having had an amazing few years. The facilities are brilliant with lots of space and the staff are fantastic both academically and on the pastoral side. Another big deciding factor for me personally was the 2 form entry which meant my twins could be put in different classes, something not offered by the Royal Kent, (however, I would just point out that this was our choice not the school enforcing it). They have introduced Activity Hour which has been fantastic and their schools plays are legendary. It is amazing school and not only have my children had such a wonderful, positive experience there, but I have made my best friends from fellow parents too.

Edinburgh78 Tue 07-Jul-15 04:03:22

Thank you so much for this information, it really has ment a lot to me that you've taken out the time to write this. We lived in LND with no kids and are coming back with 3, hence surrey not LND.... So it seems quite difficult making school decisions when you don't know the area.... Once again many thanks!

Fairmilefred Tue 07-Jul-15 22:32:58

It's my pleasure. As a fellow twin mum if there is anything to do to help further please let me know. My children will be leaving St Andrew's at the end of the year but if you do decide to go there I am very happy to introduce you to a few people. (If you decide to live on the Oxshott side I know a brilliant cut through that will save you loads of time, just let me know)
Good luck with the move.

Edinburgh78 Wed 08-Jul-15 02:41:07

Thank you, we are looking at Oxshott / Cobham area, so i take it you recommend the area... The commute into London looks ok (from blogs and just reading generally.) If there are areas that you think are better pls do let me know... from what i can see the generally area looks pretty nice :-)

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