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Laddoo Tue 19-May-15 17:30:33

We are considering Epsom as an opiton for out move from London. Since its been only 6 months we moved to London , wanted to know if epsom is a goid choice in terms of makig friends , playgroup and things to do with 2 kids . I would really appreciate if you could help me with this .

MNKingstonSurrey Mon 08-Jun-15 12:17:12

Hello, we've shared your post on Facebook ( to be broadcast this evening.

Fingers crossed you will get some feedback shortly.

Local Editor smile

iMogster Tue 09-Jun-15 20:36:16

I lived in London 15 years and have been in Epsom 4 years. I have 2 children aged 2 and 5. We are really happy here. My neighbours are friendly, the mums I meet are friendly. Great schools, loads of parks and playgrounds. Loads of baby to age 3 toddler groups. The best is Wheels & Squeals in Christchurch hall. 3 soft plays in Epsom/Ewell. Once Upon a Time is award winning and my favourite. 2 of them are up to age 5 and the other is bigger and takes older kids too. Hobbledown is also award winning, I have an annual pass and bring kids every week. Have a look at their website, there is literally tons to do outside and large playbarn inside. for all ages up to 14. Chessington World of Adventures is also nearby.

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