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mama123pup Mon 27-Apr-15 12:26:16

Anyone given birth here recently?


also does anyone know how good they would be if we wanted a water pool HOME birth

thank you

MNKingstonSurrey Wed 06-May-15 11:19:37

Hello, we've shared your post on Twitter (@MumsnetSurrey) and tagged Frimley Park Hospital so you'll hopefully get a reply shortly.


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layla888 Thu 07-May-15 18:47:06

Hi I have had 2 csections at FPH and having my third in July. It's a good hospital in my opinion and the staff do look after you well. Sorry I can't be more help. I know they have just redesigned the birthing suites and they look really modern and nice. I do belive as the same in most hospitals there's nevet enough water pools to go around and they become 1st come 1st served.

RedKiteMaidenhead Sun 17-May-15 19:23:47

I recently had DC2 at Frimley. I'm out of area so no chance of a home birth for me (with the Frimley team). I was hoping to use the midwife led unit when I was signed off as low risk from consultant care at 36 weeks, but in the end I developed a condition which meant I was induced, and therefore used the main delivery suite.
I thought my care all the way through was fantastic. I had brilliant midwives for my birth, and was very happy with how I was looked after afterwards too (apart from waiting ages for a doctor to sign me off for discharge!)

Arianrhod Mon 08-Jun-15 09:44:41

I had my DD (natural birth) there in Jan 2007, even thought Royal Surrey and St Peter's are closer to me, and they were fantastic. I then had my twins there in Nov last year, c-section this time and full consultant-led care through the pregnancy, and the care was even better, if possible. I can't comment on the home water birth I'm afraid, but i would say it has to be worth talking to them about it.

amychantler1 Sat 25-Jul-15 21:37:38

I had my little boy there in May of this year. I was considered a low risk pregnancy so I had him in their new 'Mulberry Suite' birthing centre. I can't speak highly enough of the care I received there. The new facilities are amazing. Beautiful birthing pool room but every room has great facilities (birthing balls, double beds, ensuite bathrooms with baths, bean bags etc). There are some photos on the Frimley Park Maternity facebook page.

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