Moving to Dorking - location, location, location.

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Sarahpopz Mon 15-Dec-14 09:55:14

My other half is in the process of being offered a job south of Leatherhead. I've looked a lot at the local areas, mostly on here, and we really like the look of Dorking.

We really want to be in the countryside (we like walking and have two active dogs) but not too rural - we are planning on hopefully starting a family in the next year or so, so want to be near schools and for them to be around other kids and have their own friends. We currently live in Cirencester (Cotswolds) and Dorking seems to be quite similar.

Are there any good places to live or places to avoid? My OH is quite fussy and doesn't want to live in a council estate - are there any in Dorking? I've noticed there is some variation in house prices so presume some areas are more desirable? There are quite a few houses for sale just south of Dorking but they are about 3-4 miles from (non-religious) primary schools, would this be a problem? I don't want to have to drive my kids to school so thinking something more central would be more suitable.

We are planning on using a day over the Christmas holidays to explore the area more, and see what Box Hill is like!

Thanks in advance for any tips :-)

Also - I would need a job but would need to be near to where we live so I can go home on my lunch break, or pay a dog walker to let the dogs out - is Dorking good for jobs? I currently work in admin/data but also have experience in comms/marketing.

Mon 15-Dec-14 10:03:35

I don't really know Dorking, but you might want to look at Reigate nearby, which is really lovely, but pricey.

Sarahpopz Mon 15-Dec-14 10:15:58

I did have a brief look there and he thinks it's too far a commute. If it's more expensive than Dorking then we probably wouldn't be able to afford it as house prices are rather high as it is :-(

Mon 15-Dec-14 11:02:02

Box hill is fab. Don't forget to check out the stepping stones across the river.

Bekabeech Wed 17-Dec-14 10:23:46

I'd also consider the Horsley's and Effingham area. They are on the train line, great dog walking country.

There are several dog walking companies here and doggy day care -they seem quite nice, just another option.

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