Oh NUTS! Have we screwed up school application?

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Gocowlike Sat 13-Dec-14 21:12:20

We are about to apply for dd's place in reception. We moved to the area from London 18 months ago and have been renting and house hunting.

In the summer we finally bought a house, which is near the school we like best.

But we have never lived there - yet. It is being totally refurbished, so we are still renting and will be until mid-Feb, I expect.

When we apply for schools, will our rental address be the one that counts, or the "permanent" address of the house we bought? Argh!! Why have I not thought this through earlier. Help!

Volcanoes Sat 13-Dec-14 22:16:06

It will be where ever you are living at the time of application. Having said that give them a ring, I'm pretty sure It's where ever you pay council tax. If you pay concil tax on the new property you can use that address. If anyone did check they'd see it was legit and you'd be living there by then x

Always best to ring and check. Good luck x

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