Oyster card for 18+

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danya14 Fri 12-Dec-14 10:17:06

My dd turned 18 a few weeks ago and it has been really difficult to sort out an 18+ Oyster card for her. We live in Worcester Park and she goes to school in Kingston. As we do not live in a London postcode she is not eligible for 18+ Oyster card. The Surrey student card is not suitable for her (even though she is eligible for one) as she has to use London buses and Surrey student card is not accepted on London buses.
Anyone been in this situation? Suddenly her travel has become a whole lot more expensive!

Bekabeech Thu 18-Dec-14 11:52:52

Was she under 18 on 31st August? If so she can still use her old Oyster card, as the zip one is valid until 31st of August the year you turn 18.
The area for the 18+ I think is inside the M25, not restricted to London postcodes. Lots of places in London do not have London post codes.

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