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DropsofJupiter1980 Wed 26-Nov-14 13:45:20

Hello everyone. I have posted this on the pregnancy thread, but would welcome some more local views smile

I am 21 weeks pregnant and DH and I have been looking at attending our local NCT classes, which would be Camberley & Yateley. This is our first and will be our only baby (long story). We don't really know anyone in our area (although we love where we live) and we are both keen to attend these classes to make some friends and become a bit more involved in the local community. I'd like to meet other mums and don't want to be isolated when I'm on maternity leave (and afterwards).

However, the cost is £274!!! shock (This is for the signature course, and also includes the £40 membership fee which I understand is optional).

I wasn't expecting this! It seems very expensive, so I'd be really keen to hear your views on whether the classes are beneficial or not. I understand that it very much depends on the teacher and group in question, so I am looking for some local wisdom from people who may have attended (or are planning to attend) those classes...

Thanks! flowers

kingstoncherry Fri 19-Dec-14 15:42:10

Hello, sorry nobody has come back to you blush

We're just about to share this thread on Twitter (@MumsnetSurrey), so fingers crossed ...

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