Where would you be looking to live if going to Royal School?

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Movinghome77 Thu 06-Nov-14 05:22:28

Hi, we are looking to move to the area, but I'm wondering where I should be looking to live? My two children are enrolled for the Royal school Primary location. What's the traffic like in the mornings? I have been looking at Hindhead and Haslemere. Seen a house on Bell Road near Kingsley Green, it doesn't seem too far away would anyone know roughly how long it would take to get there? Appreciate any advice, thank you.

MrsSlats Thu 06-Nov-14 13:53:23

Kingsley Green should be fine for a 15 minute drive, maybe 20 max. Also worth looking at Liphook, Churt, Grayshott, Headley Down as well as Haslemere or Hindhead.
Or look further north on the A3 - Milford to Hindhead takes me 12 minutes on the school run.

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